Made From Scratch have unique insight into the challenges faced during creative builds. Thanks to our knowledge of play theory, as well as many years design and build experience, we can provide invaluable consultation for planners, architects, landscape designers and building professionals.

Incorporate social impact in your next build. Our advice and guidance weaves in play at every stage, from design through to CPD training with your staff.


Our stand alone creative workshops for both adults and children are tailored to a range of abilities. We enjoy using a range of media to bring out creativity including mosaic, carpentry, sculpture, textile art, willow weaving and more.

We are comprehensively insured for building and working with children and volunteers, and have successfully delivered complete design and build projects involving a range of groups from young offenders, students and teachers.


Our playground design workshops with children and the community can be the starting point for transforming your dream play space. Gain skills in creative critical thinking, 2 and 3D design, team work, film making, carpentry, model making and participating in a democratic process. As part of a wider build project, workshop outcomes engage key stakeholders to help inform the design stage, or be used for future fundraising activities.

We are happy to lead the workshops or design them flexibly around your needs and setting and we can tailor the content to fit with KS1/2 Design Technology curriculum.

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