Baden Powell Primary School

Baden Powell Primary School

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A year on and Baden Powell Primary school have really embraced the spirit of adventure play into their playgrounds from nursery right through to year 6. Teachers have noticed how the children focus better in class after letting off so much more steam. They also stand in awe at the endless ways the year six children work together in their sand pit as it’s their own science experiment. The older girls have been stretching the rope swings to the maximum and have reached heights that you need to hold your breath to watch.

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The schools are currently training their reception teacher in forest schools and are looking forward to working with us again to build a treehouse and outdoor classroom in their wooded area with the children helping. Building at Baden Powell School was dream come true for the Made From Scratch team. The children made a play about it and interviewed us for their magazine. Children monitored every screw and piece of wood being put together and several children have proclaimed that they would like to build playgrounds when they grow up.





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