Play has multiple proven psychological and physical benefits. We create unique spaces that facilitate access to risk and imagination, but first and foremost are great fun.


Our designs place great importance on the finished aesthetic. Our style pushes boundaries, while complementing the surrounding environment and community.


Our team is formed of master craftspeople and artists. When building our innovative designs, new techniques are often developed to create structures that are robust and meet the highest safety standards.


We minimise the environmental impact of projects before, during and after construction. We build using FSC certified timber, recycle and reuse play components, and donate spare materials to local partner adventure playgrounds.



Our process places the local community at the heart of what we do. Not just through consultations, but with active collaboration and hands-on workshops, creating a genuine sense of ownership.

Social Impact

We want to make playgrounds that have a lasting positive impact. We monitor previous projects to build an understanding of how play positively affects society, and how we can improve our own practice.


Joy is a feeling we don’t tend to prioritise as we grow up. We want our spaces to be a sanctuary from the pressures of life, and to create a sense of joy for everyone. Our landscapes are guaranteed to create happier and more fulfilled children and adults.



Our experience in delivering projects on time and to budget has given us the reputation we have in the industry. We take great pride in our work and have an unwavering focus on the details needed to make durable and impressive structures for clients, with additional reassurance provided by our own RPI inspector.