Our Team

Our Team

The Team

 Our team has many years experience designing and constructing imaginative and innovative playgrounds and delivering high quality training and creative workshops to both adults and children. We enjoy designing a project specific to your requirements while bringing ethical and environmental considerations to all that we create. We can follow a project through from conception- with advice on fundraising, participative consultation with the children, and detailed designs and specifications. Then our team will construct your dream play space with care and aesthetic integrity, with the children’s involvement. We are lucky to work on projects with a brilliantly creative crew of landscapers,  carpenters, welders, workshop facilitators and a horticultural advisor

Gemma Mudu 

Gemma willow pod

Director  Gemma Mudu

Gemma has designed and built playgrounds from the Adventure Play tradition since 2002, working with experts in the field creating rich and diverse play spaces she co-founded Design and Build (Play) a charity to build innovative play spaces with children’s involvement in 2006 – 2011. She pioneered innovative participative design workshops to empower young people to design their own play environments and allow them to build. Gemma graduated with BA Hons in Environmental Art in 2000, and her imagination and creativity are invaluable, both in responding to design challenges on site and creating  new workshops, structures and playscapes with the child at the centre.

Lizzy Fleming


lizzy drop slide

Director Lizzy Fleming 

Lizzy has successfully project and site managed extensive playground builds and delivered participative consultation and sculpture workshops for children and young people for the last 8 years.   Past design and build projects include a 4 metre vertical drop slide, many unique tree houses, a rainbow net tower zip line, and speaking at play conferences in Istanbul and Australia.  She also co-founded a charity called Halabja Community Play Project to build Iraq’s first adventure playground, and has worked on site out in Iraq since 2009, and for the charity in the UK. 

Jess Milne

jess team

Jess Milne  Play Consultant/ Engineer

Jess has over 45 years experience building adventure playgrounds. A playground engineer, plumber, chainsaw and excavator operator, his 11 years experience of face-to-face work with children as a full time play worker started in London at Ampton St Adventure Playground in the late Sixties. His extensive training experience of 20 years began with the designing and delivering workshops for the London Adventure Playground Association. He spent 10 years at Islington Council and Hackney Play Association managing the running of Adventure playgrounds. Jess has contributed to several play books including Risk and Safety in Play and The Architecture of Adventure Playgrounds.  Jess leads training and workshops at conferences across the country, recently training and advising in conjunction with Play Wales, Play Northern Ireland, and Skills Active in England. He has been a trustee or on the management committee of numerous Adventure Playgrounds and has worked as a freelance playground safety inspector. 

Llewelyn Jones


A multi skilled qualified youth and community worker of 10 years standing, Llewelyn  successfully combines his building skills and passion for the built environment with delivering music and theatre workshops. In 2012  Llewelyn graduated with an Msc in AEES Architecture from CAT /UEL and his practical and theoretical knowledge of ecological building methods are invaluable. He combines assistant project management, chainsaw carpentry, construction, and workshop delivery  with Made From Scratch Ltd with his  freelance career in providing youth music production and beat boxing workshops internationally. You can find out more about him here.